Ian Noakes

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Together creating a dignified and fitting farewell...

My Service

Normally a Funeral Director will recommend my service to you, should you favour a civil part religious, or a non religious service. Increasingly, people have attended services that I have conducted and wish me to conduct, for their loved ones, and so they are able to give the Funeral Director their wishes.

I start with a family meeting, where I meet those closest to the deceased, and we begin to design the funeral service to the wishes of the family. There are a number of choices to make and I am able to advise on music and readings.

I then prepare a script and running order for the service which is emailed to the family for approval. It’s perfectly normal for there to be some tweaks to be made before the final version.  I liaise with the Funeral Director throughout this period, so all the details are clearly understood, and during this time, the correct information for the Order


of Service is communicated. I’m always available to answer those questions and address any anxieties.

On the day of the funeral, I conduct the service.

I believe that the wishes of the family should be paramount, and I am able to advise on how your ideas might be incorporated into the service. I advise on entry and recessional music, and for a Period of Reflection. I can help with hymn and reading choices too.

Funerals these days come in all shapes and sizes, from the short and simple, to Humanist and politically inspired, to wonderful celebrations of the life of a loved one. I am comfortable in all these scenarios, and look forward to helping you decide on the best way to proceed.

As well as cremations, my service also includes graveside burials, and interment of ashes.